Our little terrors

28 11 2012

Quick photo with some of the new gear – which is excellent – of our two Bengal wild cats – Pepper and Tessa.

Love photographing them and they are always so well behaved, which definitely makes a change!



New gear

19 11 2012


May have spent a little money recently on new gear. It’s all good 😉


25 10 2011

…It was a waste of time as the driver hasnt even dropped it off yet meaning I need to go back later.

The waiting game

25 10 2011

Ouch… 30 minute wait to collect a client canvas!



25 10 2011


Cheeky photo of Cameron Tamblingson in his Tigger dressing gown.


24 10 2011


This is a photo of 10-month old Alfie. I last photographed Alfie when he was just a few weeks old and he now has a lovely smile. His mum, Sam, will be breaking these out whenever he’s got girls over when he hits his teens!! bless him!!

Contact me if you would like some child portraits doing – all ages covered 🙂

It’s been a while!

24 10 2011

Well it’s been a while but its time to keep this blog regularly updated! Over the past year we’ve been very busy in the music and weddings scene and done a fair few baby shoots as well.

I’d like to thank a lot of our loyal customers for the support we received when we were contacted to let us know that a petty rival photographer had posted false reviews about us, thankfully that’s all resolved now and I won’t name names but his second (or third, i forget which!) ‘budget’ studio has just closed down a few months back in Middlesbrough, which I think pretty much goes to show the quality of his work!

So, expect to see plenty of photos going up over the next few weeks to keep things active on here!